“St. Augustine once said: “We consider light as the lack of darkness, while everything dark is light. Not to clarify places and times in darkness is valuable, as much as the day.”

If Augustine had drawn these sentences, would he be able to express the purpose of his writing by his drawing and visual impacts and how?


I grew up in a crowded city, Tehran, the capital of Iran, in a neighborhood with busy streets and shaggy-haired trees. On it sits a shop which sells a lot of different shapes of doors, each with a different handle, a lot of buses at the bus station in the middle of the street with a lot of hands holding on, a fruit shop with many hands carrying packs of fruit, and a trash bin with a broken wheel next to a lamppost, its’ light making the trash bin dramatic at night. 

Before drawing, I could say I come from Tehran and a neighborhood with busy streets.  


Line, dot, space, pencil, and paper are my tools to find my way through blindness and help me to show how the things appear in my experience.

I try to find how the autonomy of drawing is related to the significance of objects, perception, and the senses. Drawing is my primary medium and I often incorporate film and painting into the drawing process.