Samieh Shahcheraghi was born in 1992, Tehran, Iran. She completed a BA in “Theater Scene Design” at the “Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Tehran Center Branch” in 2017. She started learning drawing professionally from 2007 under Mr.Karim Nasr supervision.

Samieh is currently pursuing a master in visual culture and post contemporary practice at the master institute of visual culture AKVST.joost,(AVANS university of applied sciences),’s Hertogenbosch,Netherlanders.




“St. Augustine once said: “We consider light as the lack of darkness, while everything that is dark is light. Not to clarify places and times in darkness is valuable, as much as the day.” If Augustine had drawn these sentences, would he be able to express the purpose of his writing by his drawing and visual impacts and how?

For me, the perception of drawing and its effects is not simply figuring out how to depict objects. Research is needed to achieve how drawing can be impressive.While playing a simple sheet of music is learnable , it needs to be contemplated to play an influential piece of music.It is my concern that What makes a drawing effective and How can I expand these effects into other media.”