Drawing Lines

How many lines can be created with limited material? when mentioning drawing lines, I mean “the line” itself, not the form of it. I was eager to know how many lines can be drawn with a simple paper
model, a calligraphy pen and some ink, without any additional materials. It’s the first step in my journey.
Limited material means that I don’t add any new materials, But it’s fine to reduce! I wanted to practice my art by decreasing my choices in materials and tools or changing the usage of them, for example, by scraping paper and draw a new line or I can draw with the saddle of my pen or the width of it. Is it possible not to use the ink and draw with a pen? It worth the try. There are lots of ways. Subsequently, I considered that I can use extra materials on my paper, for example, a combination of ink and oil to paint on the paper. If I continue this line creation procedure, there will be new lines on the paper. The new lines would have new impressions, and I can use them in my paintings and drawings according to their impressions.


Details of Drawing With New Lines

I have used new lines in my drawing and I consider that my art works are impressed by lines.


Drawing With New Lines